100 Book Challenge

The 100 Book Challenge is a systematic independent reading program that allows each student to read at his or her independent success level every day. Our students spend 30 minutes every day reading in school and 30 minutes at home. This program allows the students to be exposed to new vocabulary without becoming frustrated by the reading level.

Our students are experiencing reading that is
"Fun, Fast, and Easy"
They enjoy classroom celebrations and prizes
as they meet their goals.
Guided reading

In guided reading, a small group of students read and discuss the same book at the same time. Each student has a personal copy of the book, and the teacher guides the literature discussion. Here we meet with students to think critically about a book. Selections that have been assigned for silent reading are discussed, with the children responding to the text in open-ended and personal ways. Most of the time with the group is spent in discussion, in appreciating and enjoying the language of literature, and in sharing personal and group insights.