School Handbook 1


Homework is required on a daily basis and is the responsibility of each student.

General Guidelines and Timing for Homework are as follows:

  • K-2 Minimum of 30 minutes each night
  • 3-5 Minimum of 60 minutes each night

Independent Reading Times

  • K-2 Minimum of 20 minutes each night
  • 3-5 Minimum of 30 minutes each night


Set your goals and work to achieve them. It is important to get the most out of your time in every learning situation. So, think positively and stick with a plan. Studying can help you do well in school.

Follow these tips to better study skills:

  1. Write assignments in your Daily Agenda.
  2. Plan a regular study time each day.
  3. Keep paper, pencils, and other supplies close by.
  4. Find a quiet place to study – no radio, TV, phones or distractions.
  5. Use a desk or table for writing.
  6. Take short breaks from studying.
  7. Don’t put work off until the last minute.
  8. Take notes in class and from books.
  9. Use the library when necessary.
  10. Ask questions if you don’t understand the discussion