School Handbook 3


Forest Hill School is a uniform school. Students generally conduct themselves in a manner similar to the way in which they dress and groom. Any type of dress or grooming which is disruptive will not be permitted.

The following is the Forest Hill Uniform:

  • Navy Blue, Forest Green, or White collared shirt
  • Khaki dress slacks or pants - NO excessive pockets
  • Solid colored socks
  • Black or Brown shoes
  • Students may wear a long sleeve, solid colored shirt under their collared shirt during cold weather months
  • Students may wear a solid colored navy blue, forest green, white, or gray cardigan sweater during cold weather months

The following are examples of unacceptable attire for students during school hours:

    • Any type of dress which is disruptive and/or offensive will not be permitted in school.
    • NO tight fitting clothing.
    • NO flip flops or slippers.
    • NO halter tops, tube tops or midriff tops for girls and
    • NO sleeveless undershirts for boys.
    • All pants and slacks must be worn on the waist with a belt. (Pants can not be worn off the waist.)
    • T-shirts with offensive language and or inappropriate pictures or gestures are not permitted.
    • Hats, bandannas, skull caps, wave caps are not to be worn in school.
    • Sunglasses, unless used for medical purposes, should not be worn in school.
    • Excessive jewelry will not be permitted in school.
    • All skirts should be worn at knee length.

Board of Education Policy on Student Dress refer to file Code #5132