Quason Lord, Grade 4

Welcome Visitors!

If you are new to Forest Hill School, I would like to tell you about this great school. This school is big with more than 30 classrooms. Also, the school has a park with lots of grass for playing football and a small playground to play on, too. The school colors are green and blue, and our mascot is the wise owl.
The school has the best teachers, including Ms. Guzik, Ms. Perla, Mr.Tyrell, Ms. Stargell, and Mr. Turner. Forest Hill is a great place to learn because we work together in groups. It is also a great place to learn because the teachers teach us better than any other teachers I've ever had. They push us to do our best. What I like the most about Forest Hill is doing Math, going to Gym, and playing educational games on the computer. Also, we use our Smartboard in class for lessons.
Whatever school you've ever attended, I guarantee you will love this school more than any other!
Quason Lord
Grade 4