School Handbook 2



  1. Sit on their bottom with two feet under the table at ALL times
  2. Talk at a level 1 whisper with your neighbor.
  3. Raise your hand and wait for directions if you have a question.
  4. Bring juice, sports drinks, water, etc. in plastic bottles or boxes only (NO soda; NO glass bottles; NO cans)
  5. Wait to be called to clean up your area when lunch is over.


All medication will be dispensed by the school nurse. Students are not permitted to have any medication in their possession during the school day. This includes all over-the-counter drugs such as aspirin, cold medicine, Motrin, etc.


Student Peer Mediation is conducted by the Guidance Office. Students will be encouraged to solve their conflicts/disputes without violence through the Student Peer Mediation Process. Any student who has a problem with another student can request a mediation session by contacting their classroom teacher or Guidance Counselor.


ALL students are expected to wear proper gym attire, which includes:

*sneakers and socks (this does not include

shoes with rubber soles)

*shorts or sweat pants

*T-shirts or sweat shirts

Proper gym attire is required for the safety and comfort of all children. In addition, students should not bring any valuables, such as money or jewelry, to gym class. The School Code of Conduct will apply to all gym classes, and a list of safety guidelines will be posted in the gym.

To be excused from gym class, students must obtain an excuse from the school nurse, which needs to be followed up with a doctor’s note.