Student Pledge


I will do many remarkable things in school today.
I will come to school faithful, gain knowledge along the way.
I will obey my class rules, return homework when it’s due.
I will be a good listener, explore, create, and discover, too.
I will respect myself and my teacher and all humanity.
I will keep my body clean, my mind free of vulgarity.
I will use self-control and not brag on what I wear or do.
I will be responsible and dependable and see a tough task
I will be honest and accept punishment for any sort of
I will have the courage to say no to drugs, violence, and greed.
I will have the courage to tell the truth, though a lie be
easier for me.
I will find inner peace from being truthful, for it will set
me free.
I will have the courage to make friends with a schoolmate
who has none.
I will have the courage to smile and bring sunshine to another
I will be considerate of others, be polite, and willing to share.
I will be just and have mercy and show I really do care.
I will be loyal to my folks, my school, and my country,
the U.S.A.
I will my very own person, asking the best of me each day.
I will do these things, be a Mozart or a Maya Angelou.
As I learn and blossom at Forest Hill School, preparing
for tomorrow.
Shirley Vaughn-Hammond